As men age, their prostate – a small gland directly below the bladder that produces and refines semen- also ages and experiences more problems. The most common of these problems is an enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. Prostate health plays a vital role in men’s health and well-being. In fact, prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer in the United States, and 33,330 men die every year. 

Prostate 911 is a blend of all-natural ingredients that fortifies your defenses against enlarged prostate issues. Are you tired of that weak and interrupted stream? Are you fed up with always having to run to the bathroom? Try Prostate 911 risk-free with a money-back guarantee to see if you can take control of your prostate health. 

When doctors diagnose patients with prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate), they often tell them to use “watchful waiting” to address the issue. This practice is also referred to as “active surveillance.” Unfortunately, this process doesn’t take as “active” of an approach as the name suggests. Can you really afford to “wait and see” when it comes to addressing your health and longevity? If not, continue reading to find out how Prostate 911 can help. 

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What Is BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia)

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is also known as prostate gland enlargement. It is more common as men age, and it causes disruptive symptoms such as urine flow blockage and bladder, urinary tract, or kidney issues. 

Treatments for prostate gland enlargement include medications, minimally invasive therapies, and in some extreme cases, surgery. However, surgery should be a last resort, and supplements such as prostate 911 may offer a less invasive treatment method. Choosing the treatment option that best fits your needs depends on many factors such as your symptoms, the size of your prostate, and your overall health.

Common Symptoms 

Patients’ BPH symptoms vary in their severity, but symptoms tend to worsen over time without therapy. 

Common symptoms include:

  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Difficulty starting urination 
  • Dribbling at the end of urination 
  • A weak urine stream that stops and starts 
  • Increased urination at night (nocturia) 

Other, less common symptoms: 

  • Urinary tract infection
  • Inability to urinate 
  • Blood in the urine 

Prostate size does not necessarily coincide with the severity of BPH symptoms. Some men with only slightly enlarged prostates can experience more severe symptoms than those with larger prostates. 

Common Causes 

Most men have continued prostate growth throughout life. In many men, this happens naturally and eventually causes symptoms. Though the exact cause is still unclear, mounting research suggests that male sex-hormone changes influence prostate issues as men age. 

Much of this research studies the link between a destructive enzyme secreted in your body called 5-alpha reductase. 5-alpha reductase essentially morphs your “good” testosterone into “bad” testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Other research also suggests DHT might cause male pattern baldness, as well as other health issues. 

What Are the Benefits of Prostate 911? 

Prostate 911 offers the potential to relieve many symptoms related to an enlarged prostate. 

Reduces the Urge to Urinate 

Enlarged prostates press against the urethra and block the urine flow. Over time, this process irritates the bladder’s lining, making the bladder contract and releasing smaller urine amounts more frequently. Pygeum, an active ingredient in Prostate 911, shrinks the prostate to reduce this irritation. 

Reduces Nocturnia (the Need to Urinate Frequently In the Night)

Nocturnia occurs for the same reason that increased urination occurs. Enlarged prostates also add additional pressure on the urethra and close it, which makes the bladder shrink. Prostate 911 can reduce the pressure on both the bladder and urethra by shrinking the prostate, so you don’t have to get up every hour to urinate. 

Reduces Urination Pain

An enlarged prostate is one of the leading causes of prostatitis, an inflammation in or around the prostate. When the prostate enlarges, it irritates the area where urine passes through, causing discomfort and pain. Because Prostate 911 shrinks the prostate, it can relieve the pain one experiences while urinating. 

What Are The Ingredients In Prostate 911?

All-natural ingredients comprise Prostate 911, including Pygeum, Uva Ursi, pumpkin seed, and nettle root. It also has a blend of vitamins with research-backed cancer-fighting benefits. Vitamins such as zinc, vitamin B-6, copper, and selenium all have research-backed benefits in preventing prostate cancer. 


The African plum tree’s bark is widely known for its prostate health benefits, such as improved flow rate and nocturia. Pygeum has chemicals in it that shrink the prostate. Shrinking the prostate can cause increased sexual desire, and the Pygeum bark has other potential treatment uses such as kidney disease, urinary problems, malaria, stomachache, and fever.

Uva Ursi  

Uva ursi berries help protect prostate cells from oxidative damage caused by harmful free radicals- rogue molecules that, when left unchecked, cause significant harm to healthy cells. Uva ursi contains 10% glycoside and arbutin, which reduce DHT levels. Uva ursi also has anti-microbial and diuretic benefits that help the prostate.  

Pumpkin Seeds 

Pumpkin seeds contain generous amounts of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, which explains why the German Government Health Commission confirmed their ability to promote and support healthy prostate sizes. It also explains why German doctors frequently prescribe pumpkin seed extracts for prostate health. A study published in the NCBI further reflects how pumpkin seeds affect prostate health.  

Nettle Root 

Nettle root is an irrigation therapy agent for urinary tract infections (UTI), urinary tract inflammation, and kidney stones. It also blocks aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. In a separate study published in the NCBI that used three clinical trials on BPH patients, nettle root had a more substantial effect on reducing patients’ clinical symptoms than the placebo group. 


Several studies report that zinc levels are significantly lower in prostate cancer patients than those without prostate cancer. High zinc levels maintain prostate health and function due to its role in apoptosis and its effect on the Krebs cycle. Essentially, zinc creates a cell environment in the prostate that is less conducive to producing malignant cells.

Prostate 911 FAQs

Is Prostate 911 Safe?

Prostate 911 is as safe as a daily multivitamin, and it is not a medication. The product is safe for the general public, but if you have a medical condition or are taking other medication, you should consult with your physician before use. Pregnant women under 18 should not take prostate 911. 

When Should I Take Prostate 911?

You should take Prostate 911 if you have an enlarged prostate, the symptoms cause you discomfort, and you want to take an all-natural approach to potentially remedying your symptoms. For optimal results, you should take Prostate 911 twice a day with meals. 

How Long After Taking Prostate 911 Will I Feel the Full Effects?

Prostate 911 should offer symptom relief after seven days, but we recommend waiting 90 days to discover its full benefits. 

Improve Your Prostate Health Today 

Prostate911 can improve your daily quality of life and help you take control of your prostate health. Avoid doctors telling you to commit to “active surveillance” and start taking active steps to reduce your symptoms. 

At Phytage Laboratories, we understand dealing with an enlarged prostate is a challenging and obtrusive process that shouldn’t go unchecked. Use our money-back guarantee to regain control of your prostate with Prostate 911 and get back to feeling like your young, virile self!